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March 07, 2011


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Aunt Diane (Aunt Boonie)

You have my wishes & prayers, Renee! and so for all the family! A day doesn't pass that your battle ebbs up in my consciousness, although I am battling with you constantly in my heart! Your dad has given you excellent advice as you well know. My love to you all. A. Diane (Boonie)

Aunt Diane (Aunt Boonie)

P.S. Coley I like the new background color; I liked the navy blue too, but this seems more positive for some reason. GBWY


Hi there, sweetie! Francis said to me after we found out the new about the new round: "Coley's had a big chunk of bad luck with all this. But she's had a lot a good luck within the bad luck." Maybe all those little good lucks will add up to no more cancer, ever. You're in my thoughts all the time.

I bounce with Gabriel on the exercise ball Gabriel every day, usually after his nap when he's still a little sleepy and needs a cuddle. (I used to do this when he was wee, then there was a long reprieve, but at about 18 months he wanted it again). Always some sort of improvised song or tune comes out of it which I can never reproduce even twenty minutes later. Whatever's there just sort of bubbles up and is gone into the ether. Today it was some sort of Native American sounding chant that I sang out as the sun was hanging low in the sky (he got up around 5). It seemed full of grief and sweet sorrow, surrender and fight. And I just knew it was for you, too, so sang it out to you, sending it to the other side of this continent. Thinking of you always, your friend, Lilo.


You already know you all have my support. I just wanted to leave a comment so you know I, too, am back at Batmom, following the news you post there.


What to say? ... I'm here again. I hear you.

Slow and steady is great advice. You've healed before, you can do it again.

Fear can be good, it makes us more alert, but then... sooo much of what we fear never comes to be.

You can do this! You are a seasoned warrior woman.

George Shuput

Glad to hear you are taking good care of yourself. You will beat this. Hugs

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