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November 23, 2009


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Congrats on clearing the first obstacle! Port insertion (and all that it means) is no fun, but as you well know, it makes chemo (and anesthesia for surgeries and CT scans...) so much easier.

Not that that's your concern. I am so sorry you (and your family) have to go through all of this. It is so, so unfair and nonsensical and complete BS, but there you are. Keep your eye on the finish line on the horizon--I hope you can see it getting closer with each passing day.


Yeah on the success of this step! Doctors the world over are amazingly similar - focused on the bigger picture, and not so much on the bits that make us bizaarely feel better...


You go girl!

Deanna Ross

Coley, I'm so glad for you. You did it. It was a very real hurdle indeed and you have cleared it beautifully. I'll be adding that to the list of things I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving, which also includes your friendship, your beautiful family, and your absolute healing and cancer-free future! I LOVE YOU! -Dee

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