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October 27, 2009


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Lucy Owen

I don't write often but I read every one of these posts and think about you LITERALLY every day. In my thoughts you are kicking cancer in the kisser (and she's a jerk, she deserves it - go ahead kick her ass). In my thoughts you are close to the finish line. i'll keep you in my thoughts, healthy and full of all our love.

George Shuput

I just saw that the Bay Bridge was shut down, a cable snapped and damaged one car. I immediately checked your blog to make sure it was not your car that was damaged. Considering all the bad luck you had with cars years ago, I thought it sounded like something that could happen to only Coley. Lol

virginia  Bradley

You are the BRAVEST person I know! Keep on keeping on, as hard as it is. I read all of your posts and think of you every day, too.


I've been reading a good bit about chemo these days and thinking of you. And imagining the bravery and will power needed. Sending brave thoughts and super will power your way...

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