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June 01, 2009


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I have been such Star Wars fan since I was eight years old and now my children are too, not so much but still. I was wondering the other day if I could purchase a nice pair of Luke Skywalter boots for my son, now I know I can!

thanks so much for your post, I will go check eBay right now! :)

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This is a very good blog. I appreciate very much this text, thank you.

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it is really good to know, I have read some reviews about the boots of this man,. I think that you can spend a lot of money in this product and you feel the security that your money is save!!22dd

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I dont know if I will purchase them, hope they will look good on me.


hahaha I wonder, but well I guess that the boots on ebay or amazon will cost much more...


This is incredible when we're looking for something and we can't get it, I felt really identify with this specially because it's related to boots that's my fascination.

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