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Renee Cole Clyde (aka Batmom) writes for film, stage, television and print (non-fiction and fiction). She holds an MFA in Creative Writing/Playwriting and a Masters in English/Creative Writing (for which she received the Outstanding Achievement Award) from San Francisco State University. She also received her undergraduate degree from SUNY Purchase in Opera Performance.

Her plays "Grace," "Eternity," "Eavesdropping," among others have been performed throughout the California Bay Area. Her recent screenplay, "Hog Island," was made on a micro budget and screened at both national and international film festivals. "Hog Island" was picked up for distribution by Vanguard International Cinema in 2007 and is available for rent at Netflix and for purchase on Amazon.

Other completed, unoptioned screenplays include a romantic comedy "Destination: Wedding" in which the maid of honor, a post-it-note freak, and the best man, a womanizer with a heart, must put grievances aside to save the day; an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel "The Waves," a story that follows a group of school friends struggling with their individual paths through the world; "Some Romeo," a dramatic comedy in which a brilliant misfit conquers his aversion to love with the help of a beautiful but frigid author of horror movies; and "Hitchhiking in Alaska with Mozart," a coming of age story of two opera singers hitchhiking through Alaska.

She is the mother of 3 children under 5 and the wife of an artist (director, writer, actor). Most days in our household are filled with high drama which is why my Batmom blog is still going.... There's always something to write about!


I like adventures.